Drinking Coffee Makes Women Want Sex?

An interesting joint study dedicated to the psychological impact of coffee has been held by Australian and American scientists. The news review of the Science journal tells more about it.

Cup of coffee

It turns out that a person becomes more compliant and is more easily influenced by others after having taken this fragrant drink.

The researchers have drawn such conclusions from a series of simple experiments. For example, voluntary participants of the experiment were asked to express their opinion about a certain problem. They were then divided into two equal groups, and the members of one of them were treated with coffee. The representatives of both groups were simultaneously urged to change their points of view. The experiment revealed that those who had not drunk coffee were almost inflexible, and those who had tasted it could easily yield under the pressure of counter-arguments.

Another experiment has been conducted on experimental rats. It has led the scientists to a sensational conclusion: it turns out that coffee facilitates sex. The rats which had received a dose of caffeine were more likely to have a contact with the opposite sex, and what is curious, the most evident effect could be observed among the female rats, as the Science journal informed. Such results of the study can be innocently used by men to get sex from women.

Source of the image: Photl.

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