Coronavirus Quarantine: See the Bright Sides!

There will be either a baby boom, or plenty of divorces after the quarantine. Perhaps both options.

We saw it in films and read from books. We were afraid of this during the time of bird flu, swine flu, SARS, MERS etc. They did not reach everyone. Fortunately. But Coronavirus has spread almost all over the planet. A pandemic is not a joke or a horror story, but a reality. The streets have gone empty, just as the store shelves. People have retreated to their houses and apartments, embracing with toilet paper and pasta that should be left only for cases of strict necessity.

Media explain that isolation is the best way to stop the spread of the virus. Most of us may eventually get sick with Coronavirus, but the goal now is not to get too many people sick, especially those already weakened or elderly, otherwise there will be too few intensive care units. Indeed, if this is not done, the capacities of modern healthcare systems will not be enough for all seriously ill patients, and doctors will have to make a difficult decision who to save and who not.

By March 18, more than 7 thousand people had died in the world from the effects of Coronavirus. We have to stay at home. Alone or with family and children who still need to be entertained or educated at home.

Of course, many are unhappy, embittered, some even do not understand the need to stay at home and reduce social contacts to a minimum – but our today’s article is not about that. Whoever thinks this is a big conspiracy – do whatever you want. Who considers quarantine a necessity – we won’t bother to persuade you either! Today’s article is about how to get the most out of a bad situation!

You have the time to chat with your loved ones

Most often, we do not have the opportunity to conduct even a short intelligible conversation with our children or relatives during the day because we are constantly rushing somewhere. Stop. One of the most common regrets of terminally ill people before death is that they did not spend enough time with their family. Now you have this opportunity – oddly enough, thanks to Coronavirus.

You have the time to look inside your own self

Due to work, household chores, problems with children or a partner, we often forget what the meaning of our own life is. To live like a robot, completing daily tasks without rest? What did you want to do in reality? According to the Gallup poll, 85% of people are unhappy with their work (and some hate it). If you are not among the remaining happy 15%, think about what you really want to do. Spend time on yourself – just sit in silence and think. Do not be distracted by anything. Maybe, you will come to a turning point when you will be ready for a desperate step – to change your life for the better! When should you do this, if not during quarantine. Still, there is a lot of free time!

Write a new book for children, write a song, shoot a new video for your vlog (or start it), come up with a leave from work – if you always wanted to do it.

Have a SPA at home

No time to make a face mask? Do you have claws of a hawk on your hands instead of manicure? How is the cuticle? What about the heels? Sandpaper? Spare a free day – we have plenty of time thanks to the coronavirus! – and spend it in the bath with cucumbers on your eyes. Next, use a scrub, this mask and that mask, patches under the eyes… After applying cream to the feet, be sure to put on cotton socks to absorb it better. You look as if you have just returned from the SPA salon! And the husband will surely join you with pleasure!

Do house repairs (or at least clean it)

Don’t you have the place to keep things? Do the shelves bend under the clothes you have collected over the years? It’s time to get rid of the excess. You never had time for that. Five years in a row. Is that familiar? We open the wardrobe and sort everything that we see into necessary and unnecessary. Unnecessary can be thrown away, donated or sold. There are many systems for this: the Japanese method, the rule of 20 minutes, 30 seconds, half a day, the method of a burning house … Choose any system!

Learn a new hobby or profession – there is plenty of time

Gone are the days when you had to look for a teacher to learn new things. Thanks to the Internet, you can become a specialist in many fields without leaving your home. And your time has come – thanks to Quarantine. Start a vlog on YouTube, learn to play the flute, brew beer, become a good photographer or learn the basics of psychology – it will never be superfluous. Many courses are now available online for free, even university courses.

You have the opportunity to watch your favorite movies and read books

It’s clear to us that the majority is doing just that. Well, some people also play games. But these activities can also become mindful. You can keep a diary of the books you read, discuss them with friends over the phone — or organize something like a book club in a Facebook group. There is a list of masterpieces of world literature that every educated person should read. How many of them have you read?

You have time for sports

Go to the mirror and take a proud look at your six-pack. Haven’t you found it? Then it’s time to work on its appearance. Those who can still leave the house and walk – let’s run to the park. You can jog with a company, just keep a distance of at least 2-3 meters. Others who are not so lucky (huge greetings and sympathy for Italy!) can enjoy YouTube channels with trainings. You can also drag a treadmill or an exercise bike to the balcony and enjoy outdoor sports. After all, if you have full quarantine in your city / country, then the air is much cleaner than it was before, even if you live on a high road.

You can eat right

That is the end of fast food and sandwiches! You have time to treat yourself and your family with good, homemade quality food. You can conduct culinary experiments every day, if it brings you pleasure. But there can be no excuses that there is no time to cook.

You have the opportunity to be grateful for daily joys

Are your eyes good? You have no diabetes? Can you walk? You do not have cancer or seriously ill relatives to care for? Are you more or less healthy? The coronavirus pandemic gives us the opportunity to re-evaluate what has already been given to us. After all, this can change at any moment.

All the media tell us about health. We automatically reconsider the value of health. We are beginning to value what we have taken for granted. We paused (stopped the Earth?), came out of chaos to think about the most important things. We learn to think about others. About those who are not so lucky. We do not leave home, not only for ourselves, but also for the health and life of others. Selfishness is replaced by the concern for others. Of course, the price of this rethinking is unimaginably high. But none of us knows whether it was possible to prevent these deaths with the information that we had at a certain moment. We will not discuss the behavior of the leaders of individual countries in this crisis. We hope for its soonest completion, a happy end.

As you can see, even during the Coronavirus quarantine, you can find a lot of positive things. Stay healthy and take care of yourself and your family!

What positive aspects of quarantine have you noticed?

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