Cool Denman Tutti Frutti Scented Hairbrush

Hair absorbs scents easily, and sometimes not only pleasant and spring ones. It is felt especially well after club parties, chit-chatting in a cafe or a barbecue. It turns out that not only dry shampoo but special scented hairbrush as well will quickly freshen up your hair if you cannot wash it.

Tutti Frutti Scented Hairbrush by Denman

It is a Denman Tutti Frutti Scented Hairbrush. It costs $ 12. You can choose a model with different scents – the flavors of lemon, strawberry, grapes, and coconut.

The hairbrush is white, and the print on it is different, depending on the scent: coconut has a green image, strawberries are red, grape is purple, and lemon is yellow.

The manufacturer promises that the scented hairbrush will suit any hair type and any length. In addition, it freshens the hair leaving a pleasant aroma trail in the hair.

Source of the image: Denmanbrush.