Coco Chanel Collaborated with Nazis


There has always been evidence of the iconic French designer Coco Chanel’s collaboration with the Nazis during the World War II, and now it all came together in a book that came on sale on Tuesday.

Designer Coco Chanel

The book, written by Hal Vaughan and entitled “Sleeping with the Enemy: Coco Chanel’s Secret War,” lays down the designer’s heretofore hidden part of life at the time when France was occupied by the Germans.

Not only was Chanel sharing a bed with a Nazi spy Baron Hans Gunther von Dincklage, but also was engaged in spying. Her wartime lover was in Paris with the task of supervising a spy ring in France and in the Mediterranean area and was in constant touch with propaganda minister Goebbels, Germany’s second man after Hitler.

Vaughan’s book traces Chanel’s life from becoming a spy for the German intelligence organization Abwehr through her various missions to the end of the war when she managed to escape being arrested. Like many other high-standing Frenchmen who were unmasked as German collaborators, Chanel is revealed as a fervent anti-Semitist.

When the war was over, Chanel, an orphan since the time she was 12 and a pioneering designer, went to Switzerland and returned to Paris 9 years later to continue her designer career. No charges were ever brought against her.

Source of the image: Fashionologie.