5 Helpful Tips for Aspiring Fashion Designers

Fashion design is not only for talented and creative people. This career is for those who simply love this job. Anyone can be a fashion designer. Some people spend time, energy, and money to study it. Some even go further by attending fashion graduate programs. Others learn it through experience. If you want to become a fashion designer, but you don’t have enough skills to do it, you can learn and develop such skills overtime.


If you are a fashion designer, you can work in clothing companies. You can also put up your own business and serve your own clients. All you have to do is acquire some important equipment such as an industrial walking foot sewing machine, a pattern cutting machine, and graphic software or a sketch pad. Afterward, you can open a shop where people and even small companies come to you to ask for design prototypes for mass production.

To start a fashion design business, here are five helpful tips you should take note of:

1. Get Work Experience

Most fashion designers who become independent started their career by working for someone else. Although it is not a requirement for you to start your own business, it‘s better to gain some experience to see what’s trending. Moreover, you can further enhance your skills while working for a company.

By working for a company, you will also be able to work with experienced and talented fashion designers and meet some clients who may personally notice your skills.

2. Be Resourceful

Budgets may become your concerns along the way. However, you don’t have to invest heavily in making yourself known. You don’t have to spend much money in advertising because social media can become your means to promote your services for free.

What’s important is that you can produce a design that your customers like. This can be your starting capital as word of mouth can produce miracles as long as you keep producing quality service. Give your first customer the best results, and it’s more likely that you will be recommended to others.

3. Treasure Your Customers

Treat your customers equally regardless of their status. You may have different types of customers, which some may be individuals, while others may be small to large businesses.

In fact, most individual customers are the ones who repeatedly come back to get your service over and over again. When your customers feel that you value them, they will get used to your good service. Treat your customers as:

  • Partners
  • Friends
  • Supporters

4. Build a Brand

When many customers know you for certain style or quality, keep repeating the same work. This means that you have built a brand that attracts your customers. Avoid experimenting and changing your output all the time.

As a fashion designer, you can build a good brand through consistency. Some people may not like your brands. Other will stick to it. Keep those that stick to your brand. They are the ones who will always keep you busy.

5. Keep on Learning

Competition is always there. If you keep on learning from experience or through formal training sessions, you will always have arsenals to use amidst competition. As time goes by, you will become expert in your field. As a result, you can easily gain newer clients who may find you more credible than others. This is how you can be more competitive.


Fashion design is not just a business that you can use to make a profit. It’s a hobby that you can enjoy and love doing. When you love what you do, everything will simply follow.

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