Career vs Love

Career WomanScientists released unpromising study results, which are directly related to the future of the daughter’s of Eve. They claim, that by the year 2026, 70 percent of females will be single. The researchers note that the number of single women increases significantly even those days already. The sad thing is that women become strong and independent not because the males lost interest in them, but because many of the fair sex members give preferences to career over romantic relationships.

Women Are Happy without Men

According to the statistical information, 8 percent of the females (aged 25 to 44) live alone. Those women are successful in their career and turn a useful penny. Two thirds of those women claim to be happy regardless of the fact of not having a permanent partner.

Career Chosen over Relationships

No matter how scary it may seem, but the truth is that starting a family and childbirth gradually cease to bring happiness to women. Many women reject long-term relationships since they want to be in charge of their own life. It is not a secret that a relationship with a man and upbringing a child mean a lot of efforts and emotional costs. For those reasons, successful working women choose career over romantic relationships.

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