Beyonce for Pepsi

The Pepsi company has voiced the name of its new star face. The famous soda will be represented by singer Beyonce. The first picture of the advertising campaign has already been made.

Beyonce Knowles

Beyonce represented Pepsi for the first time in 2002. Then she was at the peak of her popularity, and the famous brand just could not have failed to notice her. Now, the singer and actress has reunited with the label. Cheerful and energetic, she poses glamorously in a promotional photo with a cart full of the brand’s products.

Beyonce’s face has adorned not only advertising posters, but a limited edition of cans with the legendary drink. They will be on sale next year.

According to rumors, the contract with Beyonce cost $50 million, but the money will go not only to the singer’s pocket, but for the needs of her charitable fund as well.