10 Jobs Leading to Divorce

Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology published an article written by American psychologists. The authors of the article provided a rating of professions which are dangerous for family life, since they frequently lead to divorce.

Smiling doctor

According to the authors, stability of personal relationships is directly related to the profession of each spouse. Psychologists examined 449 different professions and came up with a top ten jobs that lead to divorce:

  1. Choreographers and dancers
  2. Bartenders
  3. Masseurs
  4. Psychiatrists and nurses
  5. Entertainers and athletes
  6. Concierges and porters
  7. Telephone operators
  8. Waiters
  9. Janitors and maids
  10. Chefs

Interesting enough, the journal reports that health care professionals have the lowest rate of divorces; for example, orthopedists, dentists, and ophthalmologists opt for divorce only in 2-7% of cases.

Source of the image: Photl.