This Is Our Night Lyrics – Sakis Rouvas – Greek Entry for Eurovision 2009

We all are looking forward to Eurovision 2009 final which is tomorrow, on May 16, 2009. Surely, we all want to know who will be the winner. By now we can only guess. Today we’d like to share another Eurovision song which, we believe, could be the winner. The song is called “This Is Our Night“, it was performed at the second semifinal, which took place yesterday, by Sakis Rouvas, the Greece’s representative in the Eurovision 2009. We really believe, Sakis has all chances to win the song contest, as he is really loved by many Russians. When he arrived he found out there’s his fan club in Russia which really surprised him. In case you also like this song here are his yesterday’s Eurovision performance and “This Is Our Night” lyrics.

Sakis Rouvas – This Is Our Night Song Words

Take a chance, and take a hold
Give it all and turn it to gold
Time has come, so make a stand
On your own, and take command

Beat the odds, you will survive
Stronger now, you feel alive
Rising up get into place
Feel it in your heart
When you are winning this race
When I look into your eyes
It comes as no surprise

This is our night, fly to the top, baby
Yes, we can do it, just wait and see
This is our night, time for a change baby
Get rid of the old, take a hold and be free
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This is our night

Counting down the night of nights
Getting now to stand and fight
Don’t back down, just look within
Do it now, I know you will
When I look into your eyes
It comes as no surprise

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