Brain Game. The Flying Hummingbird

Flying HummingbirdJudging by the messages I have received via Geniusbeauty Contact Form, there are people, who really enjoyed the riddles and look forward to them. I haven’t published them for a pretty long time, so here is a new one. Hope, you will like it too. There are scales on the table. And there is a cover on the scales, under which there is a hummingbird, the bird is sleeping. What will happen to the scales indications, when the bird wakes up and starts flying?

Please, if you want to solve the riddle yourself, be careful and do not look at the comments of this brain game, because someone could have already written the solution there. You will find the answer in the next brain game. You are always welcome to ask questions about the task, in case something is not clear. But sorry, I will not answer leading questions.

The answer to the previous brain game is door numbers. Jed, Samantha and Aaron, you gave the right solution. Very well done! Now try the new one.

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