Women Having Tattoos Perceived as More Sexually Promiscuous


Do you have a tattoo on the lower back or the ankle? Don’t you know that even a small tattoo can be understood by men not the way you expect?

Chanel Temporary Tattoo

French psychologist Nicolas Gueguen has conducted a few studies and reached a sensational conclusion that men perceive a tattoo on a woman’s body as an inducement to a more accessible sex.

In general, the study suggests that men find women with tattoos less attractive, but they also see them as more promiscuous. As a result, women with tattoos have more frequent offers for sex from men.

During the study, the psychologist observed the behavior of men and women on the beach. Men approached the women with tattoos much more often in order to get acquainted – even those who had a tiny “butterfly” tattoo on the lower back. However, the expectations of men from such acquaintances were quite certain: they hoped for a more affordable sex. Women without tattoos were also approached by men, but they had to wait longer for their cavaliers as they came 11 minutes later, but with more serious intentions.