Why Do I Stick to a Man Who Keeps Breaking My Heart?

How many times have you promised yourself not to make such a silly mistake anymore, but in the end started a hopeless romance again? Perhaps, subconscious attitudes are pushing us to obviously inappropriate partners. What attitudes – read below.

Fear of missed opportunities

Some people were not loved enough in childhood. Others were offended in their teens at school … This leads to the inability to adequately assess relationships in adulthood.
Any manifestation of concern is viewed as a “gift of God,” non-existent virtues are attributed to a partner, but obvious alarm signals are chronically ignored. We hold on to a man till the last thinking “what if I do not meet anyone like him or the rest will be even worse.” So we harbor these illusions, missing the opportunity to build a happier union.

Negative narcissism

Even successful beauties are often unsure of themselves. Hence, there appear endless “what am I doing wrong?” and “I am not trying hard enough in these relationships.”
Such self-torment means that a woman does not love herself enough, and her partner does just the same (otherwise he would not be so critical of her). The most reasonable thing to do would be breaking up – but you can do this only if you learn to value yourself and your interests.

Fear of loneliness

The trivial “nobody needs me” crippled many women’s destinies. For some women the fear of being lonely is second only to the fear of death. Sometimes it is so strong that women are ready to endure anything just to keep a relationship.
The problem is that such fear of loneliness is noticeable, and a dishonest partner will definitely use it but not appreciate.


Some of us are very stubborn. Therefore, sometimes we do understand that a man is not a match, but stubbornly hold on to him. It is a matter of principle: “I will tame him, and that’s it!” Perhaps, you will manage to find a man. But, most likely, it will be a waste of time and nerves. A man is not a dog, you cannot tame him. An adult cannot be changed. Do not waste your time.

Inflated expectations

Even the most cynical people expect a passion hurricane from a new romance. Therefore, they subconsciously look for a man who will create tension and cause a storm of emotions.
We are expecting that very “chemistry” and butterflies in the stomach. And if this does not happen on a first date, we put an end to future relationships. Nice modest guys seem boring, average, and not sexy.

However, if we move away from the usual scenario and slightly shift our focus, we will be surprised: a kind and sincerely interested man can be much better than a professional lady-killer.

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