Why Are Women the Weaker Sex?

Women Are the Weaker SexBritish medical professionals have given the scientific explanation why we usually call women the weaker sex. Women suffer from rheumatism and arthritis three times more often than men and it is more difficult for them to gain muscle mass. Besides, women are inferior to men in terms of mental health. So, no matter how hard you fight for gender equality, the nature created us different.

Women’s Weak Points

The study involved 100 000 volunteers. According to the results of examinations, scientists compared the level of liability to disease in women and men. The comparison showed that women are inferior to men in some criteria, and chiefly – in strength. The thing is that men have bigger and stronger bones, as a rule. Not only are men less likely to experience bone fractures, but they also never had such female problem as menopause when calcium is washed away from the body. What’s more, women are more likely to suffer from arthritis.

Due to immune problems, women are more likely to have such immune-related diseases as rheumatism and hypothyrosis.

Muscle Mass

The condition of muscle mass is greatly influenced by hormones. Compared to women, men have considerably more testosterone that is responsible for the muscle formation.

Mental Health

As for mental health, the results are contradictory. Men suffer from schizophrenia and autism twice more often than women, but women have depression after childbirth and menopause-related mental disorders.

Men’s Soft Spots

Scientists claim that the men’s soft spot is the heart. Unlike women, they don’t have enough estrogen that protects the heart. That’s why women suffer from heart attacks occasionally and mainly after menopause when the estrogen level drops. Estrogen also prevents bowel cancer.

Source of the image: ffffound.com.

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