Why Might a Guy Not Want Sex with You?

They kissed, but not very passionately. They held hands but then went home. The woman hinted that she was ready for more, but the man pretended not to understand. Why? We have prepared a list of reasons why a man may not be in a hurry to have sex or even refuses – and does not explain anything.

He tries to be modern

The movement against harassment #MeToo, the idea of active consent to sex, and the unwillingness to force a woman to stop him. You can talk about this.

He takes his time because he likes you

This person hopes for a long-term relationship, which means that he will still have time for sex. Here you can relax – when you finally get to bed, he will be caring and respectful.

He is taking medications

In Europe, antidepressant medications are among the most common causes of decreased sex libido in men. In addition, most hormonal disorders and heart diseases inevitably affect a decrease in a man’s sexual activity.

He chooses the right moment

Stubborn romantics can plan their first night for a long time and with all the subtleties in mind. If you are the same, you can relax. If the wait has taken too much time, it’s time to talk.

He’s under stress

Health, work, the family can worry him, and there is no time for sex – he needs your support.

He is married and indecisive

Your new boyfriend may well be married. He prefers to forget that he is a “family crossover” and imagines that he is a dashing sports car. He decided not to tell his new acquaintance about this – otherwise, it would not be funny. He wants to have sex, but it is a difficult feat to accomplish because not everyone can cross the line.

He’s worried about your first time

He may not feel confident in his libido and body. In this case, you should not quickly switch to penetrating sex – patting and compliments will relax and tune both him and you in the right mood.

He is religious

In our time, it happens that a girl is ready to move to the next level, but her guy is lagging behind due to the reasons of morality or religious traditions.

It’s all about his temperament

If his temperament does not match yours, sex life can be problematic.

A man is afraid of responsibility

If a great guy over thirty is single – he is most likely afraid of responsibility. He feels he is sort of attracted to a great girl, and she is ready to give him a chance, but then he thinks: “Damn it! She’s a great girl and she needs to get married. But it’s not the right time for me. That’s it.”

He just doesn’t want sex with you

It happens. Once again (just in case) let him know about your intentions, but don’t get upset. You cannot force him to love you!

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