Trust is a Sign of Intelligence

According to the journal Social Psychological & Personality Science, American scientists have discovered that trust is a sign of high intelligence.


Sociologists conducted an experiment in which participants were required to watch video interviews of people seeking work in which they tried to present their best side. In this case, some of them told the truth, while others lied at least in three occasions.

Volunteers who had to separate truth from falsehood, preliminarily took the test by the degree of trust on strangers. In such a way, by dividing the participants into two groups – trustful and suspicious, the authors of the study asked them to determine in which video recordings were people lying and in which they were honest.

It turned out that trusting volunteers coped much better than the others with identifying falsehood, while paradoxically, the suspicious more often than others believed those who lied.

People who tend to trust strangers are not naive dreamers, their accuracy in interpersonal relationships may render them excellent service in life: in searching for real friends, and in identifying worthy business partners, – the authors of the experiment wrote in the article.

Source of the image: Photl.

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