Sex Preferences for Women Include Being Dressed

While many women don’t give a thought to whether they have any clothes on when their partner is proving his love to them, there are those who are too body-conscious not to care, as’s recent poll embracing 1,653 people shows.

Woman, high heels

The wish to feel more body-confident makes 48 per cent of women want to wear quite a lot of clothing during sex, with some even sure that keeping their high heels on will give them a sexier look.

The most popular item to wear turned out to be a bra, 68 per cent opting to keep it on. A third of the women polled think it makes their breasts look better, and a fourth said it adds to their sexy feeling.

Negligee comes second in the sex clothes list with 59% women voicing preference for it, followed by high heels for 40% and dresses and panties for about a third. A nurse’s uniform doesn’t appear to be very popular after all!

In the comment a spokesperson for MyCelebrityFashion stressed the importance of clothing when it comes to bringing up women’s self-confidence, with so may women confessing that they feel much more sexier when partially dressed.

Commenting on the opinion of 61% of women who admitted to preferring the comfort of darkness during sex, the spokesperson pointed out that according to 63% of men, they get turned on better with lights on.

In the domain where no hard and fast rules reign, it’s always advisable to know what is to your partner’s liking!

Source of the image: Photl.

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