Sex Compatibility

Why does it sometimes happen that a man and a woman do not fit together? Maybe, the reason is in the difference of their personality types? considered four different types of sexuality and came to an unexpected conclusion.


What do you pay attention to when being alone with a man? Perhaps you like to feel his touch, or hear him breathing and saying gentle words? It is in these moments that the properties of your personality type and the type of your partner are manifested.

Kinesthetic people

Kinesthetic people see the world through their senses. For them, the first place belongs to the touch: even during the dialogue they will try to move closer in order to touch, and these actions will not be intrusive, they will not resemble harassment.

In bed, the men who perceive the world by “touch” pay a lot of attention to details. They prefer to make love in the dark and silence to concentrate fully on their partner, on their unity and on the physical-sensory perceptions. The process can last a very long time because it is important to feel every centimeter of skin, body and hair of the sweetheart. In addition, these men like playing with different “temperature regimes.” During lovemaking, kinesthetic men can use ice, candles, hot drinks and other strange “aphrodisiacs”.

Auditory people

Although it is said that most women love with their ears, in fact, it turns out that auditory males also tend to perceive the world and love through sounds.

According to statistics, there are only 5-7% of them among all the people. However, almost everyone can meet them in life. They get their information about the world through sounds and words. Speaking with a representative of this type, you can pay attention to the fact that during the dialogue, he listens to you attentively, sometimes even closing his eyes. However, he may find it difficult to remember what you were wearing at the time of the last meeting, but will cite with precision the conversation that took place a few weeks ago.

In bed, these people love to talk and listen. They find it important not only to feel you, but to hear you as well. Intimate conversations, moans, cries, discussions – all this can give auditory people heavenly pleasure. They often produce the desired musical or quiet surroundings – and even too loud strange sounds can knock them off the crest of the wave. It happens that hearing a specific song accidentally the auditory man can get excited and will immediately begin to make love to you.

Do not forget that such men are paying much attention to dialogue. Most often, these are people from the sphere of the humanities; they know the sense of words. Therefore, the wrong accent in the word can completely destroy the man’s sexual attraction to you.

Visual people

Losing their will and self-control because of female beauty is something that is peculiar to visual men. Such men perceive the world through their vision, even during an argument they may lose sight of all the roughness and taunts uttered by you, if you look lovely at this moment. As for sex, it is important for them to observe the process, so darkness is ruled out, and it is even better to have several large mirrors around the bed to be able to see all the details. In addition, they are not against a variety of experiments in the poses as they will get a new perspective to see other angles and shapes of intertwining bodies.

By the way, most of the visual men have their own personal fetishes. For some of them, it may be fishnet stockings, while for others – a tattoo. Others may be interested in a costume for role-playing games. According to statistics, the majority of men are visuals, which is why the saying goes that men love with their eyes.

Discrete men

Discrete men resort to logic in all matters, including sex. For them, everything that is happening around them and with them is divided according to the principle of “reasonable – unreasonable.” Relationship is no exception, and therefore in the intimate sphere digital men will act according to instructions. Experience, books and various accumulated information help them create a certain formula of success for themselves, which they will always stick to.

Most often, their actions in bed are quite predictable and happen according to a specific scenario. It is unlikely that a man of this type will be ready to experiment, agree to try something new that is not part of his usual notion of sexuality. These men try to live a “right” and “logical” life that surely projects on the love sphere.

Sexual incompatibility

If you have some difficulties in bed with your partner, it makes no sense to look for the cause in the difference of characters. Scientists have proven that it is particularly easy to achieve mutual understanding in the sexual sphere of life, even if you belong to different types.

For example, if you are a kinesthetic person and your partner is visual, it will not be difficult for you to suit him and make love in the light, but with a blindfold on your eyes. Original ways to solve the problem may reveal themselves in a situation where your man belongs to the auditory type, whereas you are visual. Voice your desires and feelings and talk about your feelings and emotions. In fact, this is no big deal. After all, if people want to be together and give pleasure to each other, they need to expand the borders just a little, which is not going to be very difficult.

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