10 Unexpected Effects of Weight Loss

Each of those who have decided to part with extra weight wants to feel healthier. But did you know that losing weight will also make you smarter, improve the quality of sleep and allow making more friends?


1. Mind

Several scientific studies have shown that cognitive functions decline with the growth of the human body mass index. Fortunately, weight loss provides the reverse process.

2. Toxins

One of the unpleasant properties of fat is that it accumulates harmful substances absorbing them from the external environment. When you lose weight, they enter the body, which increases toxicity. It is therefore necessary to take care of additional protection.

3. Money

Numerous studies show that more slender people get more impressive fees. Alas, the world is biased.

4. Depression

A study conducted by the researchers from University College London showed that the people who have lost at least 5% of their body weight face with depression 78% more often. This is due to greater unrealistic expectations connected with weight loss.

5. Popularity

The risk of depression after losing weight grows. However, the chances of becoming popular among the people around you also increase, as the researchers from the University of Arizona in the United States claim.

6. Penis

Every third man in America is so fat that he does not see his penis. Getting rid of excess weight, these men will get rid of the need to use a mirror to explore their sexual organs.

7. Sex

One of the most obvious benefits of weight loss is that you get more freedom of movement in bed. This will improve your sex life.

8. Potency

According to a research, lean people have a better expressed potency. The same tendency is applied to the number of sperm cells.

9. Sleep

Weight loss is almost certain to lead to a dramatic improvement in the quality of sleep.

10. Health

The lower you extra weight in the body is, the lower is the number of inflammatory cells associated with various diseases.

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