Beachwear Trends Summer 2015

One-piece or separate? Retro or denim? With prints or monochrome? We will help you choose the best swimsuit for the summer of 2015!


In this season’s swimsuit, you can be provocative, sexual or romantic. Designers do not restrict your freedom of choice: plain swimsuit models or the ones with fashionable prints, closed or separate, with seductive cutouts or in the sporty style. Swimwear has finally moved away from minimalism and widely uses various techniques of decorative trim. The most recent models of swimwear for spring-summer 2015 are suggested in a review by

Sporty style


Beach volleyball, bocce, surfing, badminton – to master all kinds of beach recreation do not forget to bring your swimsuit in the sporty style. Such swimsuits became the main favorites of the season. The focus is on the key features of sports fashion: bright colors, contrasting inserts, zippers, prints with texts, use of innovative materials for swimwear (e.g., neoprene and mesh).

One-piece swimsuits


Exposing bikini models have been replaced by one-piece swimwear. Such swimsuits predominate in the collections of the leading brands. The designers’ main emphasis is on the monochromatic color scheme. The decorative elements include fringe, lace, zippers, and appliques of gems or crystals. Swimwear of an asymmetric cut with contrasting stripes in the sporty style or with unusual prints, such as Gzhel, is also popular.

Retro Bikini


Fans of vintage fashion will like bathing suits in the pin-up or retro style with ruffles, drapes and high shorts. The choice is in favour of monochrome models with floral prints. The most daring women may choose bras of different colors and cute panties with a high waist.

Bandeau Tops


Bandeau swimsuits will help you realize the dream of a beautiful and even tan on the upper chest and shoulders. You may choose a one-piece or a separate swimsuit model. By the way, this swimsuit model is one of the most versatile and suitable for almost everyone, except the ladies with broad shoulders.

Lace Swimwear


Do not deprive yourself of the pleasure to be fashionable, even on the beach. The designers are borrowing the most striking trends of the season and re-interpret them in beachwear fashion. The major hits of the season include swimwear with embroidery and lace. By the way, the bra of a swimsuit can replace a top. Complete the image with denim shorts or a long white skirt with embroidery.

Denim Beachwear


Denim clothing has triumphantly returned to the world of fashion. In the world of beach fashion, this trend has been noticed too – the swimsuits with the imitation of denim have appeared. The obvious favorites include bathing sets, which vaguely resemble a combination of denim shorts and a top.

Cut Bikini


Opening the season at the seaside, use the main weapon of seduction – a swimsuit with cuts. This model is hardly suitable for sunbathing (you do not want to get a tan on the body resembling the skin of a giraffe, do you?), but it is ideal for relaxing near the pool. You will not remain unnoticed! The main thing is to make sure the protruding sides that may have appeared during the prolonged winter are not seen through the swimsuit cuts.

Trendiest Bikini Prints of the season

bikini-swimwear bikini-swimwear3

Despite the fact that designers make an emphasis on plain swimsuit models this season, variants with prints are still popular. Turkish cucumber, Vichy plaid, polka dot, animalistic and ethnic prints can be seen not only in clothing, but also in bathing suits.

A sense of humor is perhaps the thing you should definitely preserve during the holidays. The favorites of the season include ironic prints, for example in the form of a cartoon character, or resemble tropical ornaments in the form of palm trees and pineapples. An excellent choice for modest ladies, who would like to relax a little at least during the vacation.

Flower prints


Floral motifs acquire a whole new meaning. Designers turn to lush tropical gardens, using their flowers at the base of their prints. Even if you have a vacation in the countryside, your swimsuit will provide you with a carefree mood.

Marine stripes


Marine stripes are the timeless classics of beachwear. This is swimwear in horizontal stripes. The marine theme is emphasized this season due to the use of decorative elements, such as rope lacing or the use of knots. Those who have managed to gather a mini-collection of striped swimsuits, pay attention to the more recent design solution – a model with a diagonal stripe.

Chic Bikinis


Beach parties have recently become popular. Cocktail dresses are hardly appropriate here, but a swimsuit is absolutely correct – if not the most obvious choice. Designers are developing a series of elegant swimsuits, lavishly decorating them with rhinestones, sequins, gems and gold embroidery. The key trends of the season include swimwear of metallic colors with baroque velvet ornaments. In this bathing suit, you will definitely become the queen of any party!

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