9 Signs He’s the One

If you’re unmarried yet, you often fall under barrage of fire on the topic of your pending happy choice. If you have a steady date, the barrage may become twice as heavy, driving you to the decision to tie the knot (some people just love this kind of conversation, don’t they?). They make it look as if it were an easy decision – but you know it’s not, even though you feel great when you’re with your current boyfriend. Assailed by doubts, you can find support in some helpful symptoms worked out by heartthrob experts over ages.


Your boyfriend didn’t flinch when he learned about your credit card debt

You let him know inadvertently – or maybe even purposefully – how much you are in the red, and what was his reaction? If he didn’t fly off the handle, he is likely to be accepting. If he acted reasonably and offered advice (making sure that it wasn’t unwelcome first), he is likely to be mature and rational. It singles him out as a reliable person ready to face your problems as well as his own. Good stuff for marriage!

He never minds your outings with your BFFs

Every time you girls plan to spend a weekend away or a night in a purely female company, he takes it matter-of-factly: it’s only natural that you would want that now and again! He recognizes your independence, your commitment to your friends and doesn’t want to clutch on to you like there’s no tomorrow. Such an attitude is very healthy for living together without feeling guilty whenever you find yourself left to your own devices.

He has learned all your life from day one

He never grows tired of asking about your past although he must be full of your stories and facts. He knows what your preferences are – and how much they have changed since childhood – but he seems ready to delve further. It shows that he wants to understand you on all levels, from social life to early dreams, and that means that your relationship has the necessary depth.

He feels comfortable with people around you

Any long-term relationship involves the couple getting to know each other’s social milieu. No-one scratches off their past commitments because one has found a new love – but does everyone accept this simple fact? Not everyone, only those who are really appreciative of us. If he embraces the old saying “love me, love my dog,” it certainly looks like a genuine thing.

He can handle conflicts

The longer you live together, the closer you get to the conflict time. In a way, it’s an inevitable period of your relationship. Now the big question is, does he run and hide when sparks begin to fly? Does he take a conflict as sufficient grounds to break free from you? Not if he has feelings; then he will stick through the storm and is ready to see it through. It spells maturity – and desire to get to the other side together with you. You cannot ask for more.

You can count him in when you’re in the mood for a romantic movie

There’s a study telling us that watching romantic films with your beau and exchanging opinions afterwards helps both of you strengthen your relationship. Couples which go in for onscreen romance regularly turn out to have more chances to stay together. A definite sign you can count on!

Fidelity is something that has meaning for him

You know about this one, sure, yet it’s worth reviewing as your relationship progresses. You don’t need to read studies to know that if a man cheated on his previous partner he is highly likely to go on cheating whenever he feels like it. Of course, that can’t be taken as a no-no sign, nevertheless it would be reassuring if you drew him out on the subject of fidelity and shared your own views. At least you will know he knows your attitude to it.

His friends are being married off

Now you’ve been to a couple of weddings of his friends, you know that the men in his circle are of the marriageable kind; chances are he is heading this way too. Psychologists say that we choose friends who are on the same level in terms of development, so if his friends go and marry, he will hardly be a kind to shy away from buying a ring for you.

You know that he’s right for you

Signs and symptoms are all very well, but your innermost feelings must also accept him as your very own man. It’s not only the question of trusting yourself: there was a study a couple of years ago which revealed that ties based on gut feelings have better chances of success and happiness than those built on mental workings-out. So, don’t forget to have an open talk with yourself about him before plunging in.