Scientists: Men and Women Perceive Love Differently

American psychologists have clarified what is the meaning of love for both genders. The authors of the study surveyed nearly 2000 men and women ages between 20 and 40 and concluded that the two genders have completely different understanding of the word ”love”.

Scientists: Men and Women Perceive Love Differently

Thus, women understand love as care, tenderness, understanding, respect, loyalty, and recognition.

The male participants, on the other hand, noted such features as trust, admiration, approval, encouragement, appreciation, and acceptance.

The psychologists believe that this difference in meanings is the main cause of conflicts between lovers.

The most frequently mentioned moments of family relations that cause disagreement are infidelity, different views on the upbringing of children, on relationships with family, friends, other relatives. The solution to this situation, according to the scientists, is maintenance of the closest possible body contact between spouses, and the ability to calmly discuss differences in views and argue one’s own point of view.

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