Scientists Claim: Most Women Don’t Want to Get Married

Many still think that almost every woman in the world wants to marry more than anything else, but this is not true! Fewer women dream of a prince on a white horse these days. In fact, five different studies have confirmed this.

Women like freedom

More than men do. Psychologist and researcher Burke Hagemeier from the University of Jena (Germany) interviewed nearly a thousand people aged 18 to 73 years. It turned out that women felt more comfortable alone than men.

Women note that the lack of a relationship gives them more opportunities to grow and pursue their desires and dreams. “Doing what I want” is the main reason why women value their freedom and loneliness so much.

Women are not afraid of social isolation

They know how to be friends better than men do. This is the conclusion reached by the researchers at the Pew Research Center. Loneliness gives them more opportunities for friendship. There is no need to report to a partner, you can communicate with the people whom you really want to maintain friendly relations with.

The study participants, who at the time of the survey were married or in a relationship, noted that their circle of friends was limited by the desires or whims of the partner. Many people are familiar with the situation, when a man considers all his partner’s friends not good enough for communication with her.

Women value their interests more

It is much easier for a single woman to engage in a hobby or do what pleases her. In a marriage or relationship, you always have to consider the partner’s wishes. This conclusion was reached by the same researchers from the Pew Research Center. With men, the situation is the opposite. It is much easier for them to engage in hobbies when a wife or girlfriend is waiting for them at home. That is what almost 73% of the surveyed men said. You can understand them: it’s easy to do what you love when your wife takes care of your life.

But the woman has absolutely no time for her hobbies. In addition, you have to deal with a man’s neglect of her hobbies.

Women do not want to take over all the housework

The “second shift” of homecare, which has been talked about so much lately, is when a woman in a relationship is forced to engage in everyday life after her job. Whoever says it, women still continue to do much more household chores than their working partners.

The Guardian writes that historically a woman faces a strange choice: enter a relationship and forget about her desires and career or continue to pursue her goals, build a career and work hard during the second half of the day, taking care of her home and a man. Both options are not so good. Moreover, even millennial men, who have more or less broad outlook, are inclined to impose their responsibilities on a partner. Gradually, they fall into patriarchy and begin to expect “femininity” from the partner, which is expressed in the desire to cook, clean, and generally do household chores.

Collecting material for her book, psychologist Bella Depaolo found out that men are in no hurry to share household chores with their partners, which is why more and more girls do not seek to get married.

For women, actions in return are very important. If the partner is not eager to help and considers washing the dishes and cleaning as purely female duties, any desire to live together and have a joint life disappears. “Do I need it?” an unmarried girl will ask herself.

Women no longer want to be nannies

The older the man, the more care he expects to receive from the woman. It turns out that the house, the children and the man are her responsibility. Washing, cleaning, cooking and supporting the partner emotionally – the older the woman is, the more she wants to avoid this burden. This conclusion was reached by sociologist Zosia Bielski, who conducted a study for the Canadian publication The Globe and Mail.

She interviewed women over 60. Of those who have been married, no one wanted to remarry. Economic freedom allows women to set standards, which, unfortunately, men often do not meet, either financially or physically. According to the same edition of The Guardian, many ladies are afraid of being in a bad relationship even more than they irrationally fear “dying surrounded by forty cats.”

Of course, there are exceptions to everything that has been said. There are those who really enjoy housekeeping or are ready to give up their favorite hobby for the sake of a partner. The main thing is not to forget that every desire should be made by you rather than imposed by society.

Obviously, the time has come to update the classic stereotypes about women who dream exclusively about marriage and family. Today, women increasingly dream of freedom, which will provide an opportunity to enjoy life.

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