One Month Is Enough to Heal a Broken Heart

Just a month is needed to restore one’s psychological state after the partners’ separation. Such a conclusion was made by the American scientists from the University of Missouri.


US researchers decided to find out how long the pain of separating with former partners usually lasts. It was found that 58% of the people who had passed through the abrupt end in their relations, fully restored their emotional state a month later, and all the sharp feelings associated with the separation disappeared. Meanwhile, fast flirting and sex with a new partner turned out to be the most effective strategy to quickly overcome the pain after the break.

Very often, the people whose heart has been broken by a partner consider this flirting as “sweet revenge.” However, experts believe this kind of sex is not the most effective drug that allows restoring the broken heart. It is not safe from the point of view of physical health, as casual sex increases the risk of catching a STD.

In general, the answers to the sociologists’ questions were given by 170 students who had gone through the painful separation from their loved ones in the last 8 months. Because of the young age, they found it much easier to overcome the emotional pain after parting. Youth also contributes to getting acquainted with people faster due to the traditionally large circle of contacts and a minimum of psychological conditions.

However, the authors of the study decided to investigate whether there are any differences in the emotions of those who initiated the separation and those who were abandoned. All the students were asked to keep online diaries of their feelings. It was found that most people needed just a month to recover emotional well-being after experiencing the rupture in their relations. At the same time, those who were abandoned quickly found their new partners and resorted to sex revenge.

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