Male Sweat Turns Women On

It turns out even the faintest smell of a substance in male sweat is enough to increase the cortisol hormone level in women. In its turn, the cortisol is responsible for stress and sexual desire of the fair sex and even influences the ovulation in female body.


So far, androstadienone that has an exciting effect on female brain has not been found in male sweat. Scientists didn’t have the proven evidence to support the adverting claims of cosmetics manufacturers saying that human beings respond to sex hormones feromones the way animals and insects do. On the other hand, scientists have no doubts now that human beings, like rats, moths and butterflies, are able to excrete the smell that directly influences the physiological process in a body of the opposite sex. And not just in the opposite sex.

For example, researches were able to discover that when the sweat of one woman somehow found its way to the upper lip of the other woman, the latter experienced the fluctuations in the menstrual cycle that coincided with the cycle of the former.

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