5 Kinds of Women Feared By Men


Italian psychologists have looked at the kinds of women that men are afraid of the most. They carried out a large scale poll involving over two and a half thousand of male participants. A full survey has appeared in a recent Italian psychological journal, Psicologia e Salute.

Kinds of Women Feared By Men

  1. The poll revealed that marriage obsessed women put the biggest fear in nearly two thirds of men.
  2. Single mothers also rated high on the list. According to Italian psychologists, men are afraid of getting responsible for someone else’s child.
  3. Men are also turned off by consummate freeloaders.
  4. Men try to avoid women who have many friends and listen to what their friends say.
  5. But the majority of men, 98 per cent, reported they just run away from selfish and stuck on themselves women who think they are queens.

Source of the image: photl.com.