How Long Does Marriage Romance Last?

Romantic feelings start to develop a rift after a little more than a year of marriage – so say the findings of a married couples survey commissioned by BetterBathrooms.

Romantic couple

A poll of 2,000 couples revealed that the honeymoon period of the average marriage lasts no longer than 14 months, as a rule. After the expiration of the span husband and wife begin to omit to tell one another that they love each other. Women get more careless about being well-groomed in the home and go for wearing dressing gowns in a way which makes them look more insipid. Men don’t keep up their appearance either, forgetting to shave or leaving the toilet door open after coming in.

The turning point tends to set off far more wrangles, over the family plans, ways to spend money, getting things done – and over shoddy home habits as well.

A spokesperson for BetterBathrooms grabbed at the chance to remind married couples that the companionship stage that succeeds the honeymoon period offers even better opportunities for satisfying relationships. The growing comfort and intimacy of being together ought to compensate fully for the gilt that has rubbed off – if both spouses make an effort to keep the early romance alive.

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