How Can a Couple Avoid Arguments When Decorating a Home Together?

There is a sacrifice to be made when someone moves into your home. There are certain conditions to be a couple in which it is necessary to get along, give up a piece of privacy, and decide whose turn it is to pick up the trash. Choosing how to decorate a house that has been mixed and combined is one of the most surprising parts of the process.

Don’t argue. Design instead. The following are five approaches on how to deal with a conflict between partners when decorating.

Assess why you like or dislike something

To combine your decorating style as a couple, you need first to understand exactly what your decorating style is. It is a good idea to begin by pinning pictures of rooms that you like on Pinterest to get ideas from there. It might not be until a pattern starts to emerge that you realize what you want from the images you are pinning. Once you’ve pinned some images, try to find some common ground between you.

If your partner has pinned something you disagree with, discuss it with your partner. A person ought to avoid criticizing something without explaining why they dislike it. The chair reminds me of an old, puffy recliner that belonged to my grandfather. Is that something that makes you offended? When choosing colors for your room, wanting to install new barn doors, or making a shopping list, you need to know why you are doing it and why you want it done.

Watch how you both use your space

A style that works for you and your personality isn’t just about how it looks but also how it feels. You probably already knew that. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to observe your usage patterns and the way you utilize your home together.

Is there a tendency for one of you to drop your keys and wallet whenever you walk in the door? To gather all of your essentials in the entryway, you may also need a console table, a shelf, or a bowl.

Do you enjoy entertaining your guests? You might be more flexible with the use of your space if that is the case. Then you might want to consider easy-move furniture if that is the case.

Have you forgotten to use a coaster? Choose one made out of glass rather than one made out of wood if you wish to avoid stains caused by water. It will keep things peaceful, and you will be able to narrow down what you want to buy simultaneously.

You can mix styles of furniture

Do not get discouraged if your partner has an entirely different style from your own. You’re bringing opposites together when you’re designing a room. There are a lot of beautiful spaces that consist of pieces that are old and new at the same time.

Consider what types of furniture you like and analyze the shapes they take. What do the curves look like? What do the straight lines look like? Furniture with curves has a feminine and traditional feel, whereas straight furniture has a more modern and masculine feel. You are likely to mix the two styles of their interiors in an eclectic way for your interior design. There are probably several advantages to mixing male and female styles.

Create a color scheme

Below are some details that need to be clarified. Was the color scheme of the Pinterest boards the same for both of you? Is the color of the wall in most of the pictures the same for both of you? What are the wood types that you see in most of the photos?

You must select two or three complementary colors and materials that you both feel attracted to. Choose colors that don’t have too much in common, such as two whites or two grays. This should serve as the foundation for the paint color you choose. If you would like to start with colors like walls, trim, floors, or furniture pieces consistently the same color, you could use them as starting points.

Be patient with the process

Make your house a home by allowing the process of making it a home to become a part of your life and enjoy it in the process. Everything won’t happen overnight, so you shouldn’t worry about that. Besides, you wouldn’t want to buy everything all at once anyway.

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