First-Date Gifts: Yes or No?

To bring or not to bring a present for a girl when you go out with her for the first time is that puzzling question that every man has asked himself at least once in his life. First of all, you should realize that using large and expensive gifts as a tool for impressing your date can attract the wrong type of woman. Secondly, it might work against you, making her expect more and more from you with your every next date. However, that shouldn’t discourage you from making such a gallant move because this gesture may represent you as a courteous man who knows how to wow a woman.


So, when is it good to bring a present on a first date? Dating experts from know the answer. For instance, when you find something interesting and meaningful that immediately reminds you of her and you think it’s a must-have for her. It shouldn’t be very expensive. Why not? Obviously, in order not to make her feel like she owes you something for your thoughtless generosity.

Also, a cultural aspect should be taken into account while deciding whether to give your date something or show up empty-handed. For example, in Europe and the USA, it’s not common to give presents right on the first rendezvous. Flowers are optional but there is a general tendency towards bringing nothing. The situation is totally different in Russia: flowers are an inseparable attribute of the first dates. Small presents such as sweets are welcome.

Bringing a gift is a good idea if you’ve dated online before and now you’re going out on your first real date. Probably, you already have some gift ideas.

If you can’t resist the temptation to bring something for your date, here are some tips on what your gift should be like.

Original. Either you are compatriots or from different countries, there’s no point in choosing something available in her native country, unless it is really meaningful. For example, in case you’re from another country, you can bring something your country is associated with or famous for: some hand-made items with symbols of your country, some items that are not commonly represented in the shops of her country, etc. Everything depends on your imagination and the range of souvenirs in your country.

Personal. It will be very helpful if you can recall your conversations in which she touched upon her passions. For example, she once mentioned that she still watches cartoons. You can buy a statuette of her favorite Disney character. It’ll show you listened to her attentively. At the same time, those small but significant presents can have a greater emotional effect than some expensive gifts. She may also have a hobby. Why don’t you buy some rare or exclusive materials for it? Is she into reading? Go to the bookstore and find the book that will definitely impress her.

Not too intimate. Pursuing the aim to impress her with your gift, don’t go out of your way. It’s completely unacceptable to give a woman too intimate things on a first date no matter how long you’ve been dating online. That’s why lingerie isn’t an appropriate first-date gift. There will be the right time for giving it – when you’ll enter into a serious relationship.

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