Alcohol Helps People Become Much Closer

It is not a secret that people once drunk become less picky at choosing sex partner. It remained a mystery up till now to what extend exactly they get less picky. This puzzle was solved by scientists from Bristol University. They calculated how much beer makes people look more attractive in each other’s eyes.


The Beauty and the Beer

First of all, the researchers discovered that on the average it takes only one and a half pints of the heady beverage to make other people seem more beautiful. Before establishing this fact the scientists had to conduct a number of tests on volunteers where they gave them alcohol and then showed 20 male and 20 female faces in half an hour.

Why Sex Becomes More Probable After Beer

At the same time, control group received non-alcoholic drinks. It turned out that the face of the opposite sex seemed 10% more attractive to those people who did drink beer rather than to teetotallers. Another point is that this effect works for males for a whole day!

Why Most People Regret One Night Stand

Scientists say that this discovery explains why those who have sex being drunk often enough can not understand what exactly they saw in the partner last night. Alcohol dulls adequate perception of things by brain area called striatum, which is in charge for evaluation of appeal. Hence now we know why 68% of people regret drinking that pit of beer and going for a one night stand with someone they see for the first time.

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