7 Reasons Not to Reunite with Your Ex-Boyfriend

After you have parted ways with your former boyfriend and are on the lookout for somebody new, there may be tempting moments when you feel like going back and reuniting. You start thinking that you had a lot in common – shared feelings, memories… Still, there remains a nagging question – why should a relationship that didn’t work succeed with the next attempt? More often it would lead to a dead end. Ponder over these reasons not to reunite with your ex before you take the step.


1. Decision at a moment of weakness

Chances are you start thinking of reuniting with your ex at a weak moment when you are consumed by doubts over the wisdom of breaking up with him – or probably you haven’t stopped worrying about him completely and cherish a belief he feels bad without you. Think again before you leap, you may reconsider in a more tranquil moment.

2. Reuniting despite mistreatment

If your ex mistreated you, it’s a sure reason to never think of going back together. It holds for both physical and mental abuse, they are all intended to control you harshly. That may mean he would be depending on you for something and doesn’t want to let you go. If he didn’t want to let you see your friends or put you down before other people, never go back to this sort of person.

3. You feel sorry for him

It is another solid reason not to take him back! He may be trying some gentle manipulation on you to revive your feelings – but now it’s not love but sympathy, and the basis for a renewed relationship is going to be a much weaker one. It is sure to result in a greater feeling of misery, so even if it’s not coercion on his part, you have no good reason to rekindle the dead ashes.

4. Remaining alone puts pressure on you

There are women who just don’t want to remain alone and believe that any kind of relationship would be better than being single. Many get on with their current relationship no matter whether they like it or not solely on that consideration. Naturally, people get used to being together, and having to remain alone seems scary. Nevertheless, mind that your relationship ended for a reason that is still there and will go on working against you. Better cope with being alone.

5. Wishing to have a family

Are you haunted by a thought that it’s high time you had a family? Is it a dominating thought that makes you want to go back to your previous relationship? Even if you are able to build up some kind of family, will it be the sort of family you and your future children really deserve? Is it not a better idea to go looking for a more harmonious relationship that is less likely to end in a failure?

6. Your ex is doing well

It may be all right if you still have feelings for him, yet this consideration is not a worthy one to actually take the step and reunite. No matter how good career opportunities he has before him, will it compensate for a long life with this guy in the same house? Maybe a better idea would be to focus on your own career than share the benefits of somebody else’s.

7. He’s at you to reunite

What if it’s he who cannot imagine living without you? So he’s trying as hard as he can to make you reconsider. Or he is one of those who hate it when it’s the woman who said that you are through. Whatever; if the man’s ego is hurt, is it a vital reason for you to succumb to his pressure? You have decided, stick to it.

Of course, there are relationships you can rekindle, for example, if distance was the stumbling block. But most of failed ones are not really worth going back to, the memory of your breakup will stay with you and grim feelings will keep resurfacing. Move on will always be the advice to fall back on.

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