7 Reasons to Avoid Drunk Sex

Sometimes it seems that alcohol makes everything better. You become more talkative and bolder. Self-esteem skyrockets too. But what alcohol can spoil is sex. Here are 7 reasons to never practice drunk sex.

More difficult to get an orgasm

Most girls have a rather tense relationship with orgasm, and so you cannot rely on it at all. Yes, sex can last much longer when you’re both drunk. And you will most likely get pleasure (emotional) too. But if you and your partner are not limited to a couple of glasses, then the peak of pleasure is unlikely to be waited for.

Drunk sex always involves weird behavior

After drinking more than three glasses, you start to think that you look like Rihanna. In fact, the behavior of tipsy people during sex can be very strange. A sudden desire to diversify the prelude with a dance or try to make love in an unusual place will not lead your couple to anything good. Problems with coordination, lack of the self-preservation instinct and lack of a clear picture in the eyes can hardly be called strengths at this moment.

Your partner may have erection problems

Therefore, drunk sex is definitely not suitable for those who have problems with it on ordinary days. If you drink too much, the sexual desire, of course, will increase, but you will no longer be in charge of your performance. As we know, alcohol is a depressant. It depresses the nervous system, and this can negatively affect male potency.

There is a chance to have sex with the “wrong” person

For example, if it is someone with whom you would never want to do this when sober. Hence all these stories about waking up in the morning in someone else’s apartment and the feeling that you are lying in bed with a stranger. Sometimes this person really turns out to be unfamiliar to you.

You can say too much during sex

If you are one of those who like dirty talk during sex, there is a chance to call your partner the wrong name. Or tell a spicy detail that no one should know about. After all, one of the features of alcohol is the ability to make you talkative.

In the morning, you may not remember everything that happened

And then you will have colorful flashbacks about the last night for a few more days.

“Drunk” sex = greater chance of unwanted pregnancy

The brain is clouded with alcoholic cocktails, and your attention is scattered. Therefore, it becomes a little more difficult to track whether the partner is using a condom. This means that the likelihood of getting pregnant becomes slightly higher – to say nothing about the possibility of getting a bunch of genital infections from the partner.

A small amount of alcohol really liberates and enhances sexual desire. But only when this amount is really small. If you and your partner fail to stop drinking in the evening, it is better to postpone sex for some other day. And try to control yourself, please. Alcohol is really bad for your health.

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