50 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Serious About You


Perhaps every woman faces this issue in a certain period: how to understand whether the new boyfriend is serious or he just wants to have fun? Sociologists have found the answer to this question.


A sociological survey conducted on request of Monarch Airlines among more than two thousand people allowed to identify 50 signs that a man is serious about his girlfriend. So:

  1. He has met your parents.
  2. You have exchanged keys.
  3. You are planning a holiday together.
  4. You are discussing plans for the future.
  5. You visit each other’s family celebrations.
  6. He has declared his love.
  7. He stays overnight at your house and you – at his.
  8. You exchange gifts at Christmas and birthdays.
  9. You see each other no less frequently than once every two days.
  10. You have your own toothbrushes in each other’s homes.
  11. You tell each other everything.
  12. You let him take care of you when ill.
  13. You know his friends.
  14. You discuss how many children you would like to have in the future.
  15. You buy a car or a dog together.
  16. You let each other drive your cars.
  17. You invite him to your friend’s wedding as a boyfriend.
  18. You talk about your wages.
  19. You let him know the PIN of your credit card.
  20. You discuss how to organize a celebration.
  21. You have your own hairdryer at his home.
  22. You hypothetically discuss life together.
  23. You are invited everywhere as a couple.
  24. You keep your clothes at each other’s houses.
  25. His mom or dad remembers you by name.
  26. You talk to him about intimate health problems.
  27. You release gasses in the presence of each other.
  28. You invite him to meet with your family or friends.
  29. You get gifts sent to you both.
  30. You know each other’s plans for each day.
  31. You take a shower together.
  32. He changes his Facebook status to “in a relationship”.
  33. You know each other’s passwords.
  34. You wear pajamas when you return home.
  35. You share gossip about friends with each other.
  36. You always get a plus-one invitation.
  37. You shop for food for him.
  38. You watch his favorite programs on TV.
  39. You call each other at work.
  40. You no more spruce up immediately after awakening together.
  41. He begins to ask your opinion on various issues.
  42. You sing along songs about love together.
  43. You start listening to his favorite music.
  44. You cease seeing people whom he does not like.
  45. You upload common photos to your Facebook profiles.
  46. You send messages like “good morning” and “good night” when you are not together.
  47. You get yourselves pets named after each other.
  48. You inform each other about how many sexual partners you have had.
  49. His friends on Facebook add you as their friend.
  50. You start walking around the house in his clothes.