3 Things Men Appreciate Most in Women

It’s easy to build up a general idea of what men are looking for in women – perfect wives who are at the same time friends with a deep inner understanding of themselves. But whenever we attempt to make it a little more specific and nail down the particular qualities they value above others, we find that they are fairly elusive. So here are the results of a research that can give you a better understanding of the most desirable qualities men are on the lookout for. What kind of woman do they want to see?


1. A Loyal Woman

Men may look very resilient and self-assured, but there are times when they feel insecure and in need of moral support. So they know that they need a woman who will stand by them whatever happens and help them to get through hard patches. So loyalty comes high in their scale of values, they need to know they can trust their woman in any situation.

2. A Woman Who Sees the Funny Side of Things

Humor is a quality that makes life much more bearable when times are hard and much more scintillating when things are coming along fine. Therefore men want a woman with a sense of humor who can share a joke and make them laugh. A man can appreciate your impressive array of good qualities, yet want to spend time with someone else if you lack the spirit of fun and humor.

3. A Woman Who Cares

When men observe the caring side of a woman, it acts as a strong attraction. Of course they don’t want a second mother, but when they come down with an illness, they will be glad to be looked after as if they were little babies. Also, they understand that a caring woman will make an excellent mother one day. That’s why they are sure to fall for you if you let them see you at your tenderest.