11 Things to Do If You Have Forgotten Your Wife’s Birthday

Your wife is your best friend, your guide, your soulmate. She does everything to keep your life in order but there are horrifying times when some important dates slip out of your mind. Her birthday?

Forgetting your wife’s birthday is a paramount sin and will not be easily forgiven but something ought to be done to mend it. Try our saviour guide for the situation and save yourself from the apocalypse that is about to come in your life. Take the guide to know what you can do to make up for it.

Get Her Some Jewellery

Jewellery is the way to a woman’s heart. Get your wife the finest piece of jewellery that she has been discussing with you. Treat her to the special charm to mark her day for the rest of your life.

Romantic Date In A 5-Star

Instead of trying to get the focus on you, try and take the focus away from you and your mistake. Arrange some live music and good food. She will definitely forgive you.

Room Full Of Flowers

Flowers are the universal messengers of love, care, affection and apologies when words fail. Surprise her with a room full of flowers and manifest that you are sorry and want to wish her a very happy birthday.

Flash Mob

Your wife must have been teary-eyed watching a video of a flash mob for proposal on television. Surprise her with a flash mob in a mall and apologize to her telling that you love her.


You might have forgotten the birthday, but don’t forget to get a special birthday cake for wife online. Get a cake of her favourite flavour and feast upon the happiness in her eyes.

Be A Chef

Take the apron and wear the chef’s hat for a day, cook all the delicacies that you know and make sure that your wife likes them. You can also view certain cooking videos online to learn how to make her favourite dish.

Handwritten Letter

Write your name with the ink of your love on her heart. Communicate your thoughts, emotions, memories and fondness by writing a handwritten letter and hiding it under her pillow. She will love the gesture and will definitely forgive you.

Movie Marathon

Find a set of her favourite movies and watch them back to back on a weekend. Also, get some of her favourite snacks to munch on during the movie. Make sure to wish her Happy Birthday at the end of the marathon. She will fall in love with you all over again.

A Day Off

The best gift that you can give her is your time. So, take a day off from office and do all of her favourite things. There is nothing as effective as giving a day of your life for an apology.

Laughter Club

Laughter is the best medicine. Take her to laughter club and enjoy the show with her. She will come out happy and will definitely forget your mistake.

A Trip To Her Favourite Holiday Destination

Plan a visit to her favourite destination. Make the visit memorable by doing a road trip with her and stopping by every 50kms and taking a picture of her. After completing the holiday, make a collage of all the pictures that you have taken and post it on social media, writing how much you love her. She will not only forgive you but will also give away the kingdom of her heart to you, again.

Try the above list and save yourself from the lifelong taunt that you forgot her special day. She is sure to feel impressed and love and love you back a lot more.

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