Women Make Themselves Beautiful Behind Closed Doors

There are not many men who are aware of the time and labor their adored women spend on trying to look gorgeous – two thirds, as researchers assure us. With 28 per cent totally oblivious of the fact that the fair sex stays fair by wearing artificial eyelashes, plucking hairs from their chins or even filing their nails into shape!


Meanwhile, a poll of 3,000 women shows, women spend about 5 hours a week away from their males busy with their beauty routines, complete with putting on fake tans and waxing legs.

And once we look through the list of only the most common beauty procedures we can easily imagine them taking far more than 5 hours, what with plucking eyebrows and nose hairs, shaving or waxing legs, armpits, bikini lines, doing things to their hair and eyelashes, taking care of their nails, doing pedicures, putting on make-up and doing regular facials… Just the reading can make some people sweat!

No wonder about 18 per cent of the most cunning admit to going through the motions with their partners remaining unaware of their toil and trouble. 5 per cent of women take good care never to show up before their men without having gotten themselves done up properly.

“The process in which women go through to look good is sometimes not at all glamorous or ladylike,” commented a spokesperson for Jolen Crème Bleach which commissioned the survey, adding that it is all heavily regimented for women. Beauty routines are generally built up for years and observed regularly, often daily, with men never aware of how hard it is to be beautiful for them.

Source of the image: Photl.com.

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