Why You Need to Remove Your Makeup Every Night

We’ve all been there. We’ve come in from a long day at work and feel that we cannot bring ourselves to take off our make up before falling into bed. This can quickly become a bad habit that is extremely unhealthy for your skin! Leaving your makeup on when going to bed can cause wreak havoc with your skin, so in this article, we’re going to take you through the exact reasons why it is so important that you remove your makeup every night. Once you’ve read it you’ll be thankful we’ve given you some inspiration to look after your skin a little better, trust us!

No One Wants A Dirty Pillow

When you wear your makeup to bed, it will easily rub off onto your pillow. This is particularly true if you are wearing foundation, eyeshadow or mascara. While it is not harmful to have a dirty pillow, it will attract lots more bacteria. This bacteria will then be on your skin every night when you are sleeping and can cause damage to your skin leading to other problems such as rashes, blisters, acne and allergic reactions.

Clogged Pores

One of the first noticeable effects you will experience when you don’t take your make up off at night is clogged pores. Sometimes we easily forget that the skin is an organ too and that it is an organ that needs to breathe. No matter how amazing your makeup skills are, it will still clog up your pores to some degree. When your pores are blocked, the sebum that your glands produce to get rid of dirt will then become blocked and cause pimples. Simply purchase some makeup remover and use it before hitting the hay to avoid this.

It’s Bad for Your Eyes

While not taking your makeup off at night is really bad for your skin, it is also really bad for your eyes too. Did you know that the skin around your eyes is the thinnest on your body and also the most delicate? This makes it much more vulnerable to signs of aging and it can dry out very easily. When the skin around your eyes dries out this is when you tend to see more crow’s feet and wrinkles developing. Wearing makeup to bed dries out the skin around your eyes and leads to premature aging. What’s more, not removing your makeup at night will cause your eyelash and eyebrow hair to weaken, thin and maybe even fall out. Chemicals present in makeup can also cause watery eyes, irritation, infection, and redness.

You Age Faster

You’re far more likely to suffer from premature aging – in the form of wrinkles and laugh lines – if you leave your makeup on at night. While you’re sleeping, your skin will repair itself as it cannot do this during the day when your body’s energy is being used for other things. Wearing makeup to bed makes it difficult for your skin to carry out this essential work and so will, in the long run, age you prematurely. Along with this, you will find that your skin is a lot drier and all of the dirt and pollution that you have collected throughout the day will be absorbed into your skin, causing irreversible damage. Lastly, the lack of oxygen getting through to your skin at night will contribute to premature aging as the skin needs this to regenerate.

You’ll Be More Prone to Infections and Allergies

At the beginning of this article, we mentioned that having a dirty pillow can really have a big impact on your skin, but it can also make you more prone to infections and allergies too. Whenever you wear makeup, your skin will always be more prone to getting an infection as it contains harmful chemicals that your immune isn’t able to combat. The longer it’s on there, the more damage it will do in the long run.

Skin Discolouration

Finally, the last side effect that can happen as a result of keeping your makeup on at night is that it can potentially lead to skin discolouration. The long-term effects of wearing too much makeup can mean that your skin ends up patchy and discoloured. This is normally most noticeable around your lips and eyes and this can end up aging you severely.

With so many great makeup removers now on the market, there really is no excuse to be wearing your makeup to bed at night. Avoid premature aging, infections, and allergies by ensuring you remove your make up every night.

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