Where to Store Makeup During Summer


Where do you usually keep your makeup? In the bathroom? On your bedside table? Or perhaps in your kitchen refrigerator? We would like to give you some advice on where to keep your favorite makeup products.

Where to Store Makeup During Summer

Makeup Enemies

A makeup product can go bad long before its expiration date indicated on the package if you don’t store it properly. Heat, humidity, and sunlight are bad for any makeup product.

Creams Storage

Cream should be kept at temperatures 5-25°C. At lower temperatures it can solidify, which is particularly dangerous for liquid emulsion creams, since the water component can crystallize and the cream will go bad in that case. At high temperatures the cream softens, which is not good as well. Thus, make sure you read the information about makeup storage conditions, which is typically indicated on the package, as soon as you buy a new cream. Do not use fingers to extract a cosmetic substance. The microorganisms on your fingers can easily travel to the bottle. Preferably, use a spatula or an applicator.

Mascara Storage

Mascara is usually the first product to go bad. Use it for six months at most after opening; past this period the bacteria will grow inside the tube and irritate the mucous membranes on your eyes.

How To Store Lipstick

High quality lipstick can be used for at most for two years; past this period it dries the lips and does not apply evenly. You can easily spot a spoiled lipstick by bad odor.

Where to Store Eyeshadows

Eyeshadows can be dry or liquid. Dry eyeshadows have quite a long shelf life – around three years. Liquid ones, on the other hand, have to be disposed of after 1.5- 2 years.

How to Store Foundation, Fragrance and Other Cosmetics Correctly

Water-based foundation will be hard to apply evenly in a year. Creams high in lipids can be used a little bit longer – up to two years.

Storage periods after opening for tonics, creams, and lotions vary. If the product is packed in a vacuum-sealed package the bacteria will be less likely to get inside and destroy the structure of the product, which means that you can use it longer – around 5-12 months.

An unopened bottle of perfume can be stored for up to three years, an opened one – from 6 months to 1.5 years. Perfumes have the same ”enemies” as makeup products – light, heat, and humidity.

Source of the image: photl.com