What Is a Brow Finisher?

Eyebrows are an important part of the makeup in the Fall-2012 season. For the trend brows, we need a brow pencil, an eye shadow to fill the space between the hairs, a brush, and a product to make the eyebrow makeup remain in its place.

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M.A.C. has created a product of this kind, and it is called MAC Brow Finisher. In fact, this is wax, but it comes in a convenient stick package. The wax brow pencil keeps the eyebrow hairs in the chosen direction (up, down, or sideways).

It does not add color. The main thing is that it is a wax product without shine and luster, though it is the usual problem with eyebrow waxes, which puts them in an unfavorable position among makeup artists.

Incidentally, the SS-2013 shows are also focused on the eyebrows, so one should really take a look at the new makeup products for eyebrows.

Brow Finisher