Want to Look Stunning? Ditch the Makeup Once a Week (At Least)

Celebrities today are rocking the no-makeup look, as you can see in People and Harpers Bazaar. Obviously, they understand the benefits of going without it. And you should follow their example because the benefits of ditching makeup or at least taking breaks from it are too good to pass up. You can enhance your natural beauty by this and achieve the celebrity look you’ve been dreaming about. Don’t forget about the benefits for the planet and your bank account as well.

Top 4 Benefits of Going Without Makeup Regularly

You avoid toxins

It’s true that some cosmetic products are all-natural and of the highest quality. However, it’s also true that some of them contain downright toxic ingredients. Time writes about this and researchers conduct studies on the subject. The point is that some cosmetics are literally dangerous and you can’t always be 100% sure what kind of product you get. Even when you buy the best, there is a risk that it’s a fake.

By skipping makeup you’ll be able to avoid those particular toxic elements completely. This is one of the reasons why your natural complexion improves without cosmetics. Quite often common issues like breakouts or flaky skin are caused by a reaction to bad chemicals in cosmetics.

You enhance your natural beauty

By going without cosmetics, you let your skin breathe and function normally. No matter how good the products you use are, they clog the pores. This means that when used long-term, they have a bad effect on your complexion. Considering this, it’s no wonder why letting your skin rest from cosmetics is one of the main rules to follow if you want to look beautiful without makeup. Even if you can’t stop using cosmetics every day (at least for now) you should take a break of at least one day a week. You are sure to notice improvements in your complexion after these ‘days off’. Increase their number gradually to achieve better effects.

Please note that going without makeup doesn’t mean going without skincare. To enhance your natural beauty you need to care for it carefully. This means cleansing, toning, and moisturizing twice a day. It’s essential to use products that fit you personally. You also should exfoliate and use a face mask at least once a week. Preferably, on your makeup-free days.

You might notice that your skin type changes once you start skipping makeup consistently. Clogged pores often cause irritation, breakouts, and excessive oiliness. By keeping yo9ur skin clean consistently, you’ll reduce those issues. It might turn out that the problem oily skin you’ve been agonizing over for years is actually a combination + sensitive type that reacts poorly to clogged pores.

Bear in mind that your pores will naturally become tighter if you go without makeup. This is a guaranteed effect of consistent ‘unclogging’.

You make the planet a better place

Like any other industry, the cosmetics production contributes quite a bit to the ecological catastrophe on the planet. And that doesn’t even include animal testing.

Overall, reducing your use of cosmetics is one of the steps you can take to make your lifestyle more ‘green’. And when you do use those products, choose organic or buy from brands that contribute something to the environment.

You save money

Makeup manufacturing is a multimillion industry, which you personally make a huge donation to. Take your time to calculate how much money you spend on makeup in a year and you’ll see how much money you can save by simply cutting on the number of foundation tubs or lipsticks you buy.

Note that you can use that extra money that you save to purchase cosmetics of a higher quality that will be less damaging to your skin.

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