Topshop Core Collection

A wide variety of eye shadows in two-color palettes, outstanding eyeliner and lip-liner shades, saturated and bright colors for lips – this and much more is offered by the Core Collection from Topshop Makeup, which will carry practically everything a bright, eccentric, and a bit mischievous girl may ask for.

Topshop Core Collection

The Topshop Makeup line recently debuted and is currently available exclusively at the brand’s online store, but soon will appear in boutiques as well. This is the best time to check the new collection out.

Topshop Mascara

The key advantages of this collection include: novelty, uniqueness, accessibility, and creativity. Those features can be noticed in shades and packages. By the way, the new products also have extremely simple names: Lips, Nails, and Eyes.

Topshop Crayon

Topshop Eyes Duo

Topshop Blush

Topshop Bronzer

Topshop Glaze

Topshop Lips

Topshop Nails

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