Top 6 Skin Problem Affecting Women


Regardless of your age, chances are that you have experienced several skin problems, to which you might not have found a solution. This can range from varicose veins noticeable on the calves to age spots. This article reviews some of the most common skin problems you might experience some time in your life and how they appear.


Acne is a common skin problem that affects people of different ages. Different factors are responsible for the development of acne on your skin. For example, you might develop acne because of sticky skin cells clogging up the pores of your skin, excessive production of skin oil, or even attack by acne bacteria.

Liver or age spots

Age spots describe flat brown blotches that may develop on your skin. It is considered that such spots come as a result of damaged melanocytes cells which are responsible for the color of your skin. The production of uneven pigment following the damaging of the melanocytes results into the age spots.


Everybody has a scar that they might have gotten from their childhood. While scars come after an accident, they have an adverse impact on the skin –shape and texture. Scars develop whenever the elastin and collagen of the skin are damaged following trauma on the skin. This trauma might come from severe acne, injury, or even surgery.

Thin lips

People with thin lips do not know that they are suffering from a skin problem. Many factors account for the development of thin lips. For example, you may develop thin lips due to genetics, exposure to the sun, aging, or even smoking. Thin lips problem can be treated easily although it can be difficult to do so if it is detected late in life.


The easy way to determine if you are suffering from cellulite is to examine your buttocks, thighs and hips. You will know that you have cellulite if you notice a rippled look in any of these areas. Its development is attributable to the stressing of the collagen fibers, which offer a connection between the skin and fat. Lifestyle conditions responsible for the development of cellulite include obesity, smoking, dehydration, hormone changes, and genetics.

Facial volume loss

Facial volume loss is a condition describing the deterioration of the layer on the face that offers support to the skin. The first symptoms of facial volume loss are the development of wrinkles. In some people such a condition can affect their confidence and happiness leading to the development of other conditions such as depression.

Your skin is very sensitive and hence, any slight change in lifestyle and environment can lead to diverse complications on the skin. In most cases, some of the problems that many people have are as a result of the products they apply on the skin, or even poor lifestyle. Nevertheless, it is advisable to be on the lookout for some of the above skin problems and notify a qualified individual in case of anything. Derm Medica has diverse solutions to a wide range of cosmetic skin problem such as wrinkles, cellulite, age spots, acne scars, fat deposits, skin tags, etc.