Sephora Color Daze Blockbuster Makeup


There’s nothing to touch a really good makeup kit in your handbag to make you feel sure of yourself any moment in life. Color Daze Blockbuster is a weighty participant for the contest of your best friend in makeup. It boasts so many colors as to give you almost endless ability for variations, and you can put up something unusual any time you feel like it. It’s compact but peeping inside you will find about 150 formulas and finishes, making sure you have means at your disposal with every and any trend. Don’t take our word for it, here’s Color Daze Blockbuster inside information.

Sephora Blockbuster

A $49.50 collection (coming at an affordable price, too!) comprises 64 x waterproof eye shadow, 12 x durable eyeliner, 48 lip glosses delivering for any occasion, 6 x eye and lip top coat, several blushes, and multipurpose cream. There is an assortment of makeup brushes and a mirror is not left out either. Chances are it goes further than what you are using now, take time to check it out!