Scouse Brow Denounced as the Gravest Beauty Crime

The scouse brow suffered in a dreadful poll revelation which branded it to be practically the worst beauty crime there can be. Foundation tidemarks, patchy tan, spidery eyelashes – you name it, the scouse brow leaves them all behind.


The recent survey that nailed the product revealed a number of other facts about make-up and looks. Thus, Liverpool’s Coleen Rooney and Alex Curran-supported penciled-in brows with angular twists to them are on the way out, and women begin to prefer brows that don’t look either plucked out to nothing or overpenciled – it’s rather a more natural version like Cara Delevingne wears.

Also, it emerges that women are apt to criticize another woman’s appearance more cuttingly than they would a man’s. 78% of women polled admitted they will get a grim view of a woman with carelessly applied or flawed make-up, and 22% said they are not past giving a cold shoulder to a badly turned-out woman.

On the whole, the results of the poll embracing more than 1,000 members of the fair sex show that another woman’s appearance will be passed five times more severe judgment on than a man’s.

More than 50% of them are ready to regard women whose face is poorly done as seedy and insufficiently tutored in basic presentation skills; 20% would not bear to have such a woman among their friends and acquaintances.

Therefore, of beauty licks to be avoided these days, the scouse brow has been declared to mar your appearance most.

Among the worst problems it has crowned are the caking of powder on the face, tidemarks from foundation, fake tan that comes out in patches, concealer on the lips, and clumped eyelashes that lend a spidery look.

The survey was conducted by and later commented on by Escentual’s Emma Leslie, who pointed out that women had always been displaying interest in how other women present themselves. And it hadn’t been only appreciation – sometimes the interest was on “the malicious side of the spectrum.”

Although the “beauty sins” sound quite awful, one can easily set things right if one is very accurate when doing her face.

Besides, the scouse brow climbing up on top of the face blunder list may just have been caused by the style of the prominent celebs Kate Middleton and Cara Delevingne who set the prevailing image for ladies intent on being thoroughly up-to-date in terms of fashion.

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