Pupa City Safari Makeup

City Safari is the image offered by the Pupa brand for the summer of 2013. This means that we can expect new items in natural and warm colors with a metallic finish.


This time, the cream eye shadows have a glowing metallic finish and a light texture. The shadows can last throughout the day. They are produced in 4 colors:

  • 001 City Safari Gold
  • 002 City Safari Blue
  • 003 City Safari Bronze
  • 004 City Safari Khaki



An automatic retractable eye liner is enriched with luminous mother of pearl for a shining frosty effect. It is released with a pencil sharpener in two shades:

  • 001 Luxury Gold,
  • 002 Blue Lagoon.

Black eyeliner KILLER KAJAL is an intense and long-lasting product.

The lip gloss is released with a non-sticky texture and provides wet finish. The lip gloss is presented in four natural shades:

  • 205 City Safari Pink Protea,
  • 303 City Safari Golden Bronze,
  • 406 City Safari Sunset Orange,
  • 407 City Safari Euphoria Red.

This time, lasting Pupa nail polish is pigmented, resistant and quick-drying – all you need for summer. It comes in six shades:

  • 743 Tribal Khaki,
  • 107 Golden Cream,
  • 829 Africa Gold,
  • 217 Pink Protea,
  • 314 Fuchsia Flamingo,
  • 517 Red Peony.