Pupa Brazilian Makeup Collection for Summer 2014

Pupa presents new items, full of bright and exotic colors. Inspired by Brazil, the authors of the collection reflected the diversity and richness of the tropics in new effects and colors.


Vamp! Compact Duo Eyeshadow. Every duo is composed of one shadow with a matte finish, and another with satin. There are four new combinations:

  • 001 Fanta Frizz,
  • 002 Samba Zest,
  • 003 Exotic Flora,
  • 004 Tropical Teal.


Long Lasting Eyeliner in four shades:

  • 001 Flashes Bronzer,
  • 002 Exotic Purple,
  • 003 Parrot Blue,
  • 004 Electric Green.


Like A Doll Luminys Blush. Silky texture and a smooth formula: ultra-dispersed pearl particles refresh the skin and give radiance. The product comes in two shades:

  • 107 Tropical Breeze
  • 205 Juice Me.


Chubby Gloss is a convenient pencil with powerful color and super gloss. The shades are as follows:

  • 003 Hot Shot Pink,
  • 004 Bright Hibiscus,
  • 005 Shiny Papaya.


Lasting Color Gel Duo promises quality gelcoat and trendy color combination. The varieties are as follows:

  • 001 Truly Tropical,
  • 004 Brazilian Glow,
  • 003 Island Colors,
  • 004 Lush Greenery.