New Hot Makeup Trend: Yellow Mascara

Each season, Chanel makeup collections encourage us with innovations. Typically, these are unusual shades of nail polish, which other brands immediately try to copy. But this time we are talking about an unusual shade of mascara.

chanel_yellow eye makeup

Yes, yes, it is absolutely yellow. Your lashes will look as if they were dipped in egg yolk.

And this mascara comes in the new summer collection, which will also include a gold lipstick, neon green eye shadow, and bright lemon mascara.

“Do you think it will all be used?” – One may want to repeat the famous phrase, addressing it to the Chanel makeup artists. Although the authors of the collection believe that yellow eyelashes will very soon become a summer trend, do not even try to say we did not warn you.

Would you dare to wear yellow mascara?

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