New Gray Hair Trend: Silver Tinsel Extensions

A new trend on social media has already been called a way to get “silver” gray hair or recreate its appearance with tinsel. Given that the popularity of gray hair is no longer new, stylists are not surprised. On the contrary, they are ready to provide everyone with thin fake strands with sparkles that last for several days and withstand even hot styling.

However, you can age yourself, if you take a snow-white, iridescent curl. If you want a holiday without aging, there are many other ideas with all the colors of the rainbow and every width. The topic, of course, is not new. Ten years ago, gilded threads were loved by such singers as Beyoncé and Selena Gomez and actress Lucy Hale (although many publications occasionally put her on the list of not very skillfully dressed stars). The beauty industry has now taken the fashion trend more seriously: in addition to salon procedures, it is possible to transform your hairstyle at home – with the help of clips with fake strands.

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