Most Common Blind Spots in Makeup

Having perfect makeup is a mission that can be accomplished successfully if you meet two requirements: attentiveness and neatness. The problem with the first of them is the most common one: we simply forget about some areas of the face or stubbornly ignore them in our daily rush and endless cycle of morning laziness. In the name of high-quality makeup, we hasten to remind you of those makeup blind spots of the face that should be given special attention.

Neck area

The most advantageous and aesthetic makeup zone that will accentuate your feminine look is the neck area (fans of fatal images also add the neckline to it). How disappointing it is when it comes in unattractive contrast to the tone of the face! However, before covering it with a plentiful layer of foundation, it is worth taking into account two important points: firstly, the time of day, and secondly, preliminary care.

First, make sure the “workplace” is well lit so that you can clearly see the contrasts of tones on the skin. If you plan to go out in the morning or afternoon, it will be advisable to limit yourself to light powdering. Moreover, we choose a shade of powder lighter than for the face – this applies to both the neck and décolleté area.

For the evening, you can take a “more serious” remedy: a classic foundation will be the right solution. In both cases, we do not skip the stage of moisturizing with cream and of applying a primer: the latter is often ignored, but this tool prevents clogging of pores and goes well with a foundation and concealer – in general, you should not give it up for good.

As for the application technique, there are no strict rules, but the downward movement of the brush is considered the most correct for an even makeup: it will move along the lines of fine hairs of the facial skin, and the product itself will be applied more evenly and naturally.

The area around the ears and temples

Among all the other contouring areas of the face, the areas of the ears and temples are especially tricky and can stand in the way of your beauty transformation. In these areas, there are boundaries between the area of makeup and free areas of the skin, so if you carelessly apply foundation, these lines can shape your face into an unnatural mask.

Of course, this is what we want the least. To avoid such a flop, do not forget to blend the face tone leveling products in these problem areas.

Finding the perfect tone for your skin color is one of the most difficult and responsible tasks, which is rarely fully implemented. For the best preparation of the skin in the area of the ears and temples, treat them with a moistened sponge. Use it especially carefully along the intended lines of the border of application of the cosmetic product.

The eye areas

This is a fine and fragile area, which requires care. It is recommended that even the owners of smooth and elastic skin should apply cosmetic products here. First of all, it is necessary in order to get rid of unwanted redness (the area around the eyes has a lot of capillaries, which appear brighter due to the thinness of the skin in this area) and black circles after another sleepless night.

And again, we take a correcting cream in our hands: apply it to the eyelids and rub from the corners of the eyes towards the temples. We carry out a similar procedure under the eyes, shading the product from the bottom up with the fingertips. To prevent its premature “rolling” and accumulation in micro-wrinkles around the eyes, you can use a dry napkin and lightly blot the applied product.

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