Makeup Trends We Want to Forget

Trends can be regarded as reflecting the current cultural situation in society, no matter what kind they are, whether they pertain to fashion, beauty, eating habits, music, or anything else. Trends showcase most people’s beliefs in these spheres, but of course, there’s no obligation to stick to them. All the more so because they are apt to change easily. What happened to cat-eye eyeliners and flaming red lipsticks? Moreover, some trends are definitely overboard, and there still exist quite a few of them which are better, much better to be left behind for good.

Artworks on nails

Art is a wonderful thing to be enjoyed in museums, on the walls of people’s profiles, even on somebody’s dress or on curtains. Whether nails are intended by Nature as displays for art is a moot question. It sounds titillating to have birds, stars, or colorful patterns on the nails, but do you really want to carry paintings at the end of your fingers? Many of those won’t look really good, and as they start to chip off they may look quite dreadful and unkempt. You would do well to leave them for pre-teens who like to try out garish stuff. To avoid looking too presumptuous, go for a single hue in a bright palette.

You can unearth quite a lot of outlandish nail art solutions like succulent nail art and suchlike ideas straining imagination, but, once again, they are much better to hear about than to actually wear.

Contouring the neck and lower

Contouring the face is absolutely accepted – has been for quite a while – but it didn’t stop there, started to expand, covering by now the whole body. You can be offered to contour your neck, your back, feet are not excluded! It rather boggles the imagination how all these parts of the body can be contoured properly, yet it doesn’t put some people off… They mean to look super-gorgeous, and they believe something uncommon may make them so. But really, is it worth attempting?

More layers, yet more… 100 layers!

We are aware that a long and arduous day can require more than one layer. You go for more, but you will hardly reach the number 100! Who has thought of applying even 50 layers, raise your voice! But that was before beauty bloggers and kooks started to get on 100 layers making videos out of it and the videos became viral. To watch them may be enjoyable to a point, but how did they arrive at the idea at all, it seems so weird. First of all, the amount of time and makeup you will need may be too great for convenience and your budget alike. Also, give a thought to the effect it may produce on the skin. You can find, after all is said and done, that three layers will take care of the most demanding day.

Glittering lips

True, many a celebrity turned up now and then with glittering lips, as well as models and bloggers, and they looked fetching. Where? On the glossy cover of a magazine, yes, but where else? Not to work, not to a date (even the first one), not to go shopping. And how many women with glitter on their lips have you seen on special occasions? So, hopefully, this trend won’t catch on with ordinary people. Should you desire to color up your pout, you know how to set about it without buying glitter – with just a dab of the right lipstick.

Plucked hairline

Women suffer enough pain when they choose to pluck their eyebrows, and since ancient times they have been inflicting on themselves even more pain by plucking hairlines. It was high fashion those days, and around the years 1300-1400, it was a must to have a high forehead if you wanted to impress. Whether it will look just as impressive nowadays is highly questionable, but the pain will be real.

Too much of brow-tweezing

Your eyebrows, if judicially treated, can make or break the face. A pair of eyebrows that look imposing can become a veritable foundation – if pronounced, they become the first facial feature people light their eyes on upon seeing you. Grooming your eyebrows is what you can’t overestimate, take care that you do regular tweezing, threading, waxing. But when it comes to trimming your brows to a thin line, think again. First, it’s not their natural look at all; second, your other features may begin to look larger – do you want it?

Consult your beauty counselor about how your eyebrows look on your face when they are their natural shape and thickness. And you can always thicken them using a special pencil.

Lip liner darker than necessary

A carefully applied lip liner makes for a good improving touch – it retains the shape you gave to your lips and prevents lipstick smearing. To be a major enhancement it mustn’t be too dark, though: when the contrast is too harsh, it will appear as if you were inexperienced and experimenting. This is the case of better be safe than sorry. Choose a staple shade of which you can be sure and stay with it, using it on and off. Also, there’s no need to spend on a choice of lip liners; save your money for more useful stuff.

Made-up half with the other half untouched

A while ago this kinda looks meant that the poor woman was frightened off after she had made up half of her face, and invited queries as to what may have happened. Then it turned out that, looking for a way to contradict those denigrating makeup in principle, women started posting pictures of themselves with only half of the face done, and it set off an avalanche on Instagram known as #ThePowerOfMakeup. The idea was picked up by some of the catwalkers. Yet one hopes it won’t break out onto the streets, to make lots of women look quaint.

Eye shadow which is too bright

Experimenting with our face is a habit we never quite outgrow, and it is good as long as it shows us what things just cannot be done. If you haven’t tried it with a bright eye shadow yet, do it to see for yourself how poor it looks. Probably you were tempted to give it a go when you saw a hue you never used on the counter, but what looks enticing in the window easily proves treacherous on your face. You can make it stand out and draw undue attention. Good old smokey eye won’t let you down and will blend with the rest with a much better result.

Painted-over ears

Nowadays they can generate any zany makeup idea, and pointed ears is a good proof of that. It must have been thought of for some festival or a masquerade, but got leaked out and snatched at by those who believe that looking weird is better than looking elegant. So they attack their lobes with makeup augmented by glitter. It definitely arrests the eye and makes one stand out in the crowd. Someone might think you are not quite healthy, though, not knowing it is merely a foolish trend.

Skunk-like highlights

It means that your highlights display darkish background with streaks of dirty platinum. It does the trick of lending your hair dimension, yet you may eventually decide that it is far from natural. It was quite popular when the 2000s arrived, and still, there are some around who are not going to let it die, although it may well deserve to. This type of highlight really looks as if you wanted to highlight and failed. A milder contrast will serve you better, one only a few shades away from your hair color – ask the expert in any salon, she will tell you that!

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