Makeup Tips for Small Eyes

Every makeup artist, like a true master of illusion, is sure to have a few tricks in his arsenal that can turn the eyes of any size in two bottomless oceans. Let’s learn some professional eye makeup secrets!


Puffy Eyes & Your Diet

Puffy skin around the eyes influences the expression of your look very strongly. The first thing you need to do is to reduce the swelling of the eyelids. To do this, limit salt in your diet, as it keeps the water in the body, and be sure to include foods that accelerate the water cycle in the body: cucumber, parsley, green tea. Wash your face with cold water. Do morning exercises. Now you are ready for makeup.

Choosing the Right Eyeshadow Shades

When choosing a shade pay attention to the color of the eye iris. To emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes, choose a contrasting shade. For example, the green color in your look would be highlighted with pink or lavender makeup. Brown eyes would look great with blue and green colors. Gray and blue eyes match with beige and yellow shades. At the same time, remember that light colors visually increase your eyes, so it does not matter what color you choose for eye make-up, the main thing is to choose a shade bright enough.

Choosing the Right Highlighter

The lightest shade of eyeshadows in the palette is applied to the inner corner of the eye. This trick is used by all the top makeup artists, but we, mere mortal humans, forget about it all the time. Bright, shining accent on your nose will instantly make your eyes wide open, awakened. Another great place to use highlighter is under the eyebrow.

Eyeliner for Making Your Eyes Look Bigger

Be careful with the pencil liner and dark shades. Do not use them to encircle the entire eye, as this will immediately make your eyes visually smaller. Do not apply dark Kayal eyeliner on inner eyelids. It is better to accentuate the upper eyelid with the dark color. Let the line reach its maximum in the middle of the eyelid, over the eye pupil. Draw the line beyond the outer corner of the eye, lifting it toward the tip of the eyebrow.

For the inner eyelid, you can use shining pearl or beige eye pencils that will make your eyes brighter and visually increase the eye. Be careful with the blue color on the inner eyelid! Do you remember about contrasts? If the whites of your eyes are prone to being yellow, blue Kayal will highlight this effect.

Mascara & Creating Bigger Eyes

Without long, curved, lush eyelashes, you will never achieve a wow-effect of big eyes. Before reaching out for mascara, curve the eyelashes with forceps. Mascara should be applied in two layers. At first, apply it only on the tips of lashes, holding the brush vertically. This will ensure maximum length. Let mascara get dry and apply the second coat. This time, use mascara with the zigzag movements starting from the roots of your eyelashes to create volume.